Why TestCenter
Test early, Test often,  Release with confidence

Test early, Test often,

Release with confidence

Six reasons why you should try TestCenter

1.     TestCenter is efficient

TestCenter makes your daily work as Test Manager easier. It lets you focus more on analysing, planning and testing rather than administrating test artefacts. TestCenter makes you more efficient in your role as test manager. It will boost your productivity and same time ensures good quality of works.

2.     Full traceability and relationship between test artefacts

TestCenter functionality give you the best support available of keeping track of all your test data and how they relate to each other. You can easily manage relations between almost all data entities and have full tracebility in any direction you want.

Requirements <> TestCases, Releases, TestRuns

TestCases <> Requirements, Resources, TestRuns

TestRuns <> TestCases, Requirements, Resources, Release

TestResult <> TestRun/TestCase, TestRun/Requirement

Releases <> Requirements, TestRuns

Resources <> TestCases

3.     TestCenter is safe

TestCenters is a SAAS application running on Microsoft Azure platform. The high-capacity server platform ensures excellent operational performance and security.

4.    Easy to learn and to use

TestCenter is focussed on simplicity, efficiency and ease-of-use. The Graphical User Interface is straightforward and consistent in layout and user controls. Its design is inspired by keep-it-simple and less-is-more thinkingThis means it is very easy to learn and to use and you can focus more on the test analysing, planning and executing testcases rather than spending time learning and managing the tool itself.

5.    Great for team collaboration

TestCenter is a great multiuser online system. Users can easily share projects and data within the team. Users can individually be given different levels of access to both data and functionality.

6.    Open and flexible

TestCenter supports you with a structured process to plan and manage your test data, but it is not forcing any methodology or operational way-of-working on to you. TestCenter supports any type of test project and methodology where there is a need for validating requirements. It is easy to get data into and out from TestCenter. Import from other systems directly or via Excel format files. In near future TestCenter will include functionality for seemless integration to other systems.